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Set your pace

So I just got done with writing a test which counts for 20% of my final grade and in typical fashion, immediately after, everyone wanted to know what the other had written… I never engage in these conversations because I find myself brooding over what I should have written and how I could have done better and envying other people’s answers. But today, I couldnt help it and actually told people how I handled the questions and you could see the *ephiphany’s* they had.. But I am not the examiner am I??

With time I have come to realise that everyone proceeds at a different pace in life and you need to set your own and not be worried about what others are doing or how far ahead they seem. Remember the hare may have been faster but in the end, the tortoise won the race.. xoxo


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2 thoughts on “Set your pace

  1. Hey Luwi, I love your blog already. I am signing up immediately. Light and easy and ur advice about the pace struck home.

  2. luckyluwi on said:

    awww I am glad 🙂 its good to know my writing will actually be read 😀

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