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Before you go on reading any further I must warn you that my first entry for today is about grammar. Yes, you read right GRAMMAR, well most of it anyway. Now I may get some of it wrong, but I beg of you to judge me not.

I have been blogging seriously for just about 72hours now and one thing I am taking from this (and I will take with both hands) is the improvement of my grammar. In a day and age of SMS and social networks that limit what you can say to 140 characters, blogging does come as a breath of fresh air J it really does.

Not only is it helping me with my writing skills because I want to sound pretentious and smart *insert sheepish grin here* to both my readers *beams* but I find that even my thought process is evolving. I am no longer tempted to type l8r in my texts unless I absolutely have to. I am actually making sure my texts and tweets are grammatically correct spelling out words where shortening them is not necessary. And I am loving it.

Why you ask. Well the career path I have chosen requires that one is a master of the English language. That you commandeer the language to impress your peers and Judges and when i say Judges I am not speaking figuratively.

As a result of the tech age where everything is seemingly in fast forward, I find myself trying to type shortcuts in my school assignments (thank goodness for proof reading) As if that is not bad enough, during the holidays when I was doing my vacation attachment, I was working on a file for my boss and I actually typed atm in a report (once again saved by proof reading).

And one thing I learned from my grammatical errors is that life moves in fast forward and we don’t have time to slow down and appreciate the little things that matter the most. I am going to use a cliché here but hey there is a reason it is called a cliché right. PAUSE. TAKE A SECOND. SMELL THE ROSES. you will be amazed at how much you miss out on because you have decided to live in fast-forward.

That said I have one more thing to say, I know by the end of the year my grammar would have improved thousand fold and for that I say ALL HAIL BLOGGING!! xoxo


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