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Putting on my dancing shoes…

soooo hell week is over!!! I am so excited. I should probably explain before I go any further. Hell week is that one week during the school calender that everyone but the Law students have a break due to the fact that we have an evil dean who decides to schedule all our tests in that week *breathes*. Wow that was a mouth full… I think the best way to describe said hell week would be pledge week for a sorority right, now multiply that by a 100..

somebody save me!!!

alright, alright I might be exaggerating just a little. Surprisingly, what my finals pale in comparison to hell week.. true story..

 my hell week look..                   Image


Anyway, I just came across something interesting on the internet (where else does one find interesting things), Ellen’s Dance Dare!!! So if I get the concept right, it was inspired by Andy who would dance behind people well umm behind their backs, LITERALLY. Lol and inspired by that, Ellen started a dance dare where winner gets a gift vioucher to Target. That is not something I will be doing though cause I find that such kind of bravery comes to me when intoxicated true story. So maybe in a few months I will post a dance dare video..

Speaking of dancing, I am done with my tests and have little to worry about school wise until the end of may so you would think by now I would be putting on my dancing shoes and painting the town red.. NOT!!! Its only 8pm, but I am in bed, in my pj’s ready to turn in.. I honestly dont know what I am typing about atm and if my writing is a little bit incoherent do bear with me.. On the plus side I am having a slumber party with my best buds *don’t judge me, slumber parties are cool* even though I know I will do more slumber than party.. 

slumber parties are fun and sophisticated 🙂 lol

However on the bright side I do have big weekend plans which include chaperoning at an 11year old’s party and umm,mmmmmmmmmmmmmm wow my social life is in the pits!!! darn!! who cares anyway.. and on that night I bid you farewell friends, *insert pretentious farewell here said in a British accent*




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2 thoughts on “Putting on my dancing shoes…

  1. HOORAY for you!!! I am excited for ya~ HELL week is over!!! I remember those days far too well. Looking forward to you putting on your dancing shoes all in good time. Rest up, you deserve it my friend!!! Love your post BTW =) (Said she ~in her fake yet wonderful UK accent)

  2. luckyluwi on said:

    LOL Thank you 🙂 you are awesome…

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