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Chaperoning Chronicles

So today was my bestfriend’s little brother’s birthday and I was usual I was on hand and happy to help out making sure everything was running smoothly.. It was sooo much fun (YES, the highlight of my day was chaperoning an 11year old’s bday sue me). Anyway Temwani (the birthday boy) decided to have his celebrations at a restaurant called shaka’s grill

Imagethe place has such a vibe to it.. and the staff EXCELLENT!!

In all honesty restaurant parties are better than home parties cause of the whole no cooking or having to clean up so u just show up with the kids and cake and they take care of everything!!! 

Lunch was amazingly awesome I had lamb chops. I don’t know why I eat them though cause I feel sooooo guilty each time I eat them think it’s the whole Jesus is the Lamb thing that is drilled into you over and over again!! but they are soooo yummy I can’t help myself.

ImageI feel like saying an I’m sorry prayer with each bite…lol

ooooo did I mention I am off alcohol for 40 days, yes so faced with pre-teens today and surrounded by booze you can imagine the temptation was high.. But my will was stronger 🙂 I am so proud of me *Drake Voice*.

ImageSo much booozzeee but I persevered 😛

After the lunch we did a movie and we saw a Dr.Suess piece The Lorax, I could be wrong about the spelling though, so do bear with me. It was a good movie and the lesson I got from it was well, tree preservation, yes tree preservation. It basically shows the effects of chopping down trees and all that, it a good watch for the entire family.. It made me think of something though, that Dr. Suess was probably a deeply disturbed child who always craved attention and had probably cried wolf once or twice that no1 believed his stories.. That is the only way one can continually tell stories about someone whose stories are not believed until its almost too late..That is my view anyway.

ImageFro-Yo AWESOMENESS to go with the movie 🙂

After that it was time for cake. Honestly, cake time is the best time 🙂 yes I love cake especially when it is a black forest cake awesomeness!!!


Anyway that was my day in a flash J I am tired as hell. Kids at whatever age they are not the easiest bunch to deal with. I bet you when I have my own I will constantly be calling my Parents to apologise for whatever hell I put them through. Lol..

Well that is it for the chaperoning chronicles hopefully will not be called upon to chaperone for a very long time. .. hope you enjoyed your weekend  xoxo.


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