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Sunday Special :)

Today has just been well blissful.. got up and the first thing I did was download Katrina and The Wave’s Walking on sunshine 🙂 I swear that song makes me feel like I AM walking on sunshine and I played it and was dancing around my room like a maniac :). In hindsight, maybe I should have recorded that for my dare to dance submission 🙂 I was just the right amount of euphoric. 

Anyway so after church my boyfriend and I went for lunch to the newly opened Spur Steak Ranch and by golly is there mission to make you fat or what!!!  My meal wowzers!!! 400g of ribs, a quarter chicken and a pork chop all for K99,000

Imagefor my readers finding it difficult to comprehend what 99,000 is, it is about the equivalent of $20. and this is a proper meal not fast food…

 ImageThe tale of a young warrior in search of ummmm a great feast is on embedded on the place mats 🙂 and it is quite the read.. LoL 


Speaking of reading, this year I gave my self a challenge, not a reading challenge but a book library challenge. I noticed my law volumes were taking up a lot of my space in my bookshelf and I decided to change that. how u ask?? by buying books at least once a week from the sunday market at arcades.


Image my book store 🙂

They stock second hand books and sale for as law as K30 000 depending on the author. You would think for someone who loves to read a passion deterred/spurred on by Law School (depending on how you look at it) I would have quite the sizeable collection by now.. but no matter, I am on my way to rectify that :). In my collection I now have a total of three books John Grisham’s A Painted House, Penny Vicenzi’s Another Woman and today’s purchase, 


I am really looking forward to reading this one as soon as I am done with the painted house of course and If I keep up, by the end of the year, I might have quite the collection..

I also want to collect Children’s, the classics like the Dr. Suess books (LOL) and the like because chances are when I’m having Kids, hard copy books will be a thing of the past because of all these e-books and kindle and all that bull!!! I’m sorry I just like to flip pages as I read.. anyway wish me luck with my seemingly mammoth task :).. till next time I decide to take away 3-5 mins of your valuable time (depending on how fast a reader you are), I bid you farewell..xx


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3 thoughts on “Sunday Special :)

  1. When I saw that plate of food I knew it could only be Spur! mmmmm my favorite in here in South Africa.

    • luckyluwi on said:

      LOL yep only they are on a mission to fatten their customers and with good food like that *sighs* it will be mission accomplished in no time..

      • lol! I have a huge problem when it comes to the menu because I always tend to just have the peppamelt steak, once in a year I will try something else…Well any as long as you enjoy it!

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