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Mundane Monday…

I must warn you, I am bored so brace yourselves for more than one entry most of which are way over due….In all honesty I would rather do the multiple posts rather than one long post that might bore you to well another blog *sheepish grin*

This one I should have posted yesterday but it was one of those days where I was literally overcome by events and next thing I know its 1am I am still wide awake watching Nikita and have to coax myself to bed as I have to get up in a few hours for that dreaded thing called UNI..

Anyway, my highlight of the day yesterday was saying This Means War with the boyfriend. Hilarious movie I dont think me trying to give it a review would do it justice. I honestly don’t know what took me so long to see it, oh wait Ido that Monster called Varsity..I swear it will be the death of me

the varsity monster.. well, its more scary in person!!! LOL

Oh another thing, HIGHLIGHT!! I was nominated for the Sunshine Award. I know chances of winning are like a zillion to none but still it is an honour to be nominated and I don’t mean that in a celebrity way, you know the I better win or else I will get Kanye West to grab the mic from poor Taylor Swift way, I actually mean it :)..

I beg your pardon for digressing 🙂 anyway I saw something quite serene yesterday. If it wasn’t for blogging they would have just been another bunch of flowers on the ground fallen from a tree but I don’t know I thought it quite the pretty site. I’m sure it would make some people go bleh *insert gagging noises here* but I am gonna share anyway..


yes, a tree with pink flowers caught my eye.. sue me!!


and so did the flowers that got shook off..












So after my movie, I decided to catch up on all my series well most of them one of which was Nikita and I swear that chic motivates me cause I’m like if she that skinny and strong I can be strong too right?? LOL what?? Am I the only one who thinks I can be a super badass agent because of Maggie Q??

So badass that her surname is one letter.. who needs one name like Madonna when you can reduce your last name to just a letter 😉


OK if I carry on with this one it might end up being one long narrative, the very thing I am seeking to avoid soooo for now till about fifteen or so minutes later (depending on my urges, U know might wanna scratch me bum, have a nibble..)


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