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Pasta a la something…

LOOOOL Can you tell from my title that I was trying to be fancy?? LOL I blame the errrrrr I think its the french who have a fancy word for everything..

Anyway so yesterday I cooked myself a meal and it was quite nice I deccided to share, it was a basic dish. Spaghetti in a tomato and chilli sauce, accompanied with some grilled fish.. I am a girl whose heart is after simple pleasures :)… I have a little photo story from my cooking which I sincerely hope you will enjoy 🙂


Viola the final product.. simply delicious 🙂


wish I could send smell over the net.. Lol


gorgeous colours sizzling away



my chilli, onion and green paper


putting my tomato in hot water so that it peels off easily

my fish almost burnt it lol
hot water so that the skin easily peels off..

Ok my pictures are not in order and any attempt to put them in order proved futile as either I am too lazy to do it or the process is too complicated which then I am too lazy to learn either way I am lazy..

My ingredients, pasta, fish, tomato, chilli, onion, green pepper, curry, oil, and salt

Its very easy to make and delicious to eat. It is one of those throw fish into the grill, boil pasta make sauce meals and viola 30mins later, you have something to eat.. I really enjoyed it.. I know this post is not your typical food post but then hey this is not a meal that requires much direction 😉 xx


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3 thoughts on “Pasta a la something…

  1. Jayne on said:

    thats waay cool. wanna try it out this long weekend??

  2. luckyluwi on said:

    hehehehehe hmmm this long weekend a bit tricky how bout weekend after next??

  3. yummistyle on said:

    looks good.Thnx for following my blog.

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