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This is Your Brain on Love and Stuff

Sweet Mother

I just read this fascinating study where they took a bunch of women in happy, committed relationships, attached an anklet around their slender legs, and shocked the shit out of them.  The study was done in order to test your brain on love.  First, they shocked the nice ladies while nothing was going on, you know, to get some base-normal readings.  Afterwards, they put the ladies through the same series of shocks while holding the hand of their significant others.


I often wonder how one becomes a participant in one of these studies.  Is there an ad placed in the University paper that reads:


“Are you a happy woman with a happy love life?  Feel guilty about it?  Well, stop on down to the University clinic this weekend and we’ll give you something to cry about.”


Dear Lord.


Needless to say, the women in the happy…

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