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So I have been unable to post up entries in a while because I have been preoccupied with the Varsity Monster whom I have managed to subdue for the moment *monster whines from closet, I yell Shut up*.. As a result my site stats (not that I care, *insert I don’t care artist look here*) have dropped drastically which really tampers highly with my ambition of getting freshly pressed one fine day :).. I honestly have noooo idea what this post is about it will be totally random to be honest because I did not want to inundate my faithful readers with a bunch of posts that errr well did not make any sense so I figured might as well do just the one albiet it will also not make much sense which greatly.

hmmm what to talk about first, oh yeah I got a new phone recently 🙂 The Blackberry 9900 and I absolutely love it

my new baby 🙂


there she is 🙂 isnt she lovely?? well as usual people are quick to criticise the phone that it does this and that and that it has internal glitches and all that and as usual I could not care less and I am defending it to hell and back as if my life depended on it.. Am I the only one who does that, defends a purchase or a choice and does so with such resolve?? anyway it does have a glitch one that can be sorted by an OS upgrade but I”ll be damned if I tell that to anyone..






I watched another movie this week, Contraband. Whats that you ask?? what is the movie about?? honestly, I don’t know. And it has nothing to do with the fact that my friend and I were chatting through out the entire movie. but it had something to do with smuggling, drugs money, guns you know the usual Mark Wahlberg movie.

My friend and I are of the opinion that he has really grown from an Underwear model though he lacks personality.. Lol so he is an empty can that directors and producers get to shape up whatsoever way they please.. Plus I had a frozen yoghurt that wasn’t really frozen which is really an abomination in my world *sighs* On the bright side it had Kate Beckinsale in it 🙂 but after seeing her as such a bad ass in Underworld, it was a bit painful to watch her as you know ummm needy relying on the man to protect her!! I had to fight the urge to scream out Snap his neck Selene, you are a vampire for crying out loud!!

Also I fixed my hair meaning my bad hair days are behind me 🙂 I would take a pic and show you but I am still in bed and nobody likes to see a bed head unless you sleeping with it.. LOL..

Have taken the day off school today as I do not feel so well and guess what I’m gonna do.. watch private practice (the episode I am on crosses over to Grey’s Anatomy:D #winning hello McDreamy), fringe and I finally get to watch a few movies that I have been putting off like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (yes I havent watched it yet, sue me)..

Wait, my entry only has the one picture?? wait that cant be right.. oooo before I go about sorting that situation, I finally read John Grisham‘s A Painted House and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it.. It had no Lawyer in it none at all which was refreshing.. It is a good read and if you havent read it yet I suggest you do :). And it took me only 3 days to read 🙂 it could have been shorter but for the varsity monster. At this rate, I  am feeling really positive about completing my reading challenge its no 100 books in 100 days like Katie is a Teacher but it is something 🙂

would you look at that, my no pics has been remedied :D.. oh I must say that feature that recommends pitures for you to put in your entry depending on what you are writing about has been pretty useless for this post..

If you read this to the end, I must apologise for wasting 2-3mins of your time 🙂 what?? it took you ten mins to read?? hmmmm Houston we have a problem!! Lol till the next time I waste your time.. xoxo


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3 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Panda on said:


  2. There will most likely be plenty that will wonder why you didn’t get the all-magnificent Iphone (I have a Blackberry) as well and it seems to be as “smart” as any other. :). Haven’t seen Contraband (probably like most Wahlberg movies I’m guessing — lots of running and shooting bad guys?); have seen Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (and read the book, it’s my humble opinion is was way-y over hyped — have seen better movies and read much better books). Love John Grisham — haven’t read Painted House –thanks for the tip! And seriously, your hair never looks as “bad” as you think it does — it can’t possibly when you only 23 — ? Be well!

  3. luckyluwi on said:

    loool I actually want the iPhone *hides* but dont want to give up my BB such a dilemma!!! yes, yes, you got that spot on. Contraband is exactly like that!!! hhaahahaha I have learned not to listen to anything anyone tells me about a movie, that way I can go with an open mind ready to absorb the plot.. hype has led me to losing money on movies I could have waited to watch on cable!! hmmm 23 you flatter me :).. 24 is more accurate.. xx

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