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Dissertation Done???

As unbelievable as that sounds, I kid you not. I handed in the final draft of my dissertation yesterday and felt sooooo relieved although after I had no idea what to do with the free time I had suddenly found my self with. Yes  I do have exams in about a month or so but bleh that is future Lweendo’s problem..

I felt like school was out..

So what did I do with this newly found freedom you ask well, I watched tv and downed 2 bottles of chardonnay, yes two not 1 but 2 and no I am not ashamed heheheheh I am actually happy I managed to wake up the way I did consodering all the booze I had.. Its like I can safely say that my hungover days are over..

sorry homer you on your own now.. lol

Sky Sports News gallery

I wanna go ther

Ok so the weekend is here and I am excited cause its a sports packed I am excited its got it all football, rugby, F1 I am uber excited about that cause my weekend is set I am such sports fanantic. I am sitting here typing this and watching sky sports news hehheheheh every man’s dream cause I will probably be the one to tape the big game over the wedding video (thank God for pvr).. Lol

I have soooo much to catch up on but not enuff time and this is not my diary so I should sign off now..xx



Do you read my blog

So its Friday night and having e-mailed Mr. Supervisor chapter 4 of my dissertation *insert triumphant air fist pump here*I am sitting here in my room having me time (happy happy joy joy) with a bunch of series to catch up on, glass of merlot in hand wondering DO YOU ACTUALLY READ MY BLOG???

look at the size of that thing! Jules aka Courtney Cox would be so proud

No really do you or do you just skim through your reader page and click like on every blog! she-sus (check out Sweet Mother’s blog for what that means, I need to learn how to properly link a blog into my post), like really guys. I must admit though I am guilty of it too, I must admit sometimes I will simply skim through my reader page like a few blogs here and there just to show appreciation for you taking time out of your busy day to post something. However there are certain blogs that always captivate me and I take in each word chuckling and nodding thinking to myself and wishing I could write like that, Brigitte’s Banter (ha! test to see if she really reads my posts, LOL) is one of them.

This all kind of reminds me of human social interaction (I know I have spoken about it one too many times this week, bear with me) with the whole having to listen to people drone on and on about nothing in particular, it gets so boring that I have mastered the art of nodding at certain intervals to make it seem as if I am listening. Yes, do go on I really want to hear how getting a B+ and not an A has screwed up your life beyond repair.  Even worse, I would go through my twitter timeline or facebook page and my comments would be, ‘get a life’ ‘no one cares’ ‘really??’ ‘oooooo half off at woolies #winning’.. Lol true story..And sadly that is the attitude I have brought to the blogging world. Do not worry I am working on it and I will change, and now now just because I do it does not mean you should too. I actually was not gonna submit a post today but after musing on life and its social interactions it throws at us and counting the number of times I zoned out on conversation today, add a glass of merlot to the mix et voila you have today’s post :D.. you are welcome I know your life was miserable and pathetic until you got the email saying I had a new post.. I kid I kid do not murder me.. ooo would you look at that I found the tool that aligns my text to make it look like a proper piece of work!! Ok before I go into a monologue about how awesome I am, I should sign out and get back to my merlot now it misses me. xx

p.s someone tell me what is the relevance of that part that is supposed to help you insert pictures into your entry?? so far I have found it is utterly useless to the extent that I am beginning to feel like the useless one HELP ME!

Rumour has it…

No, I am not referring to the awesome song by Adele, nor am I referring to the 2005 movie Jennifer Aniston starred in. I am referring to nasty old rumours where the only thing real about them is the two-faced person telling them. In all my 20years of life fine 24, LOL, I have never understood the essence of rumours or rumour mongering or should I say to scuttlebutt (yes, I learnt a new word today and I am quite pleased with myself). I don’t get it especially amongst friends, I have always thought that friendships should be open and honest and there should be a presence of trust. An image that, I am sad to write has gradually been shattered with age. I swear I die a little when someone comes to me and asks is it true that?? No I don’t know, why don’t you ask him/her? They are your friend right? Right so go on ask them. They are not dead or laying in a coma somewhere the question you have is about them and they are probably in the best position to answer your question.

Do human beings ever do that? Nope instead they hide behind unsubstantial   assumptions which spread like wild fire ruining one’s good reputation. In high school we had a saying if I graduate with the highest honours top of my class no one will remember me, graduate pregnant on the other hand is and I will be talked about for years. In addition people always say that bad news will always spread like wild fire so for instance say I got my dream job working for the UN earning a 9figure salary some people may not learn of it for years. But say I got jilted at the altar, she-sus how quickly that would go around. What perplexes me the most is the fact that the rumours are spear-headed by people who claim to be our friends. I mean unless the definition of friendship has somehow changed over the years and become of no great significance, I was under the impression that friends were supposed to have your back not stab you in the back. In my opinion the greatest form of bullying does not come in the playground when someone is beating you to a pulp in between the swing and the see-saw set.

is this what friendship is about?? fake smiles and backstabbing??

It comes from a bunch of people actively working to destroy your life and it saddens me. It is beyond me why people cannot just take a seat back and mind their own business. Last time I checked it was MY life and we were friends, I am very much breathing so instead of spear-heading this crusade against me that may lead to me committing suicide because you have made my life impossible with your one little fable, ask me. We as human beings act like tabloids whose sole purpose is to sell the most papers or get the most hit on a website. I blame the monster that is social interaction. You make someone a social pariah just so as to advance your own social needs. Thankfully I am the type of person that does not really care. It’s all about mind over matter really, as in you don’t matter so I don’t mind and we move on from there. I live in my own little impenetrable world where very little gets to me cause well I don’t give a rats ass. I am the type of girl who someone would come and say oh I heard you pregnant and though false my answer would be oh yes, I am 5months along, it’s a boy we are very excited and are to be wed just before the baby comes, wouldn’t want him born a bastard *chuckles*.

I swear people think they living in gossip girl

Sadly not everyone is like that, thick skinned and all so I urge of you, friends enough of the stabbing each other in the back why can’t we go back to having each other’s backs?? And seemingly society is OK with this and such people have been dubbed frenemies, excuse me a moment while I go throw up at the thought of this. I am sorry I will not waste time smiling at someone pretending to be my friend that is not me

friendship should not have to come with warning signs.

That said, there are a few good people out there who will have your back and not try to stab it at the first available moment, if you have one of those I say good for you 🙂 treasure them for they are rare gems..xx

This picture is breathtaking

Cold Dead Heart

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Without You

I love Glee, I might be the biggest gleek out there.. Ok nope thats a lie, let me not take it away from the gays with their sparkly studded loafers and love for show tunes..

Still I love it, the music just makes me feel some type of way. So right now sitting in my room trying to add two more pages to chapter 4 of my dissertation, listening to Glee’s rendition of David Guetta and Usher’s without you, which I must say is beautiful 🙂 , Lea Michele has such a gorgeous voice.

Ok I digress. Wow that is a poorly structured sentence, my supervisor must have been on to something when he said I tend to go on and on with no end in sight.. here I go again.

Ok on a more serious note, after listening to the lyrics of this song, I have a question, what is it that makes us need we need people to survive? What scientific proof does one have that a person cannot live without someone else. I mean unless you were born a twin or a triplet or quadruplet, I’m sure you get my drift, you are born into this world alone. Yes, we need to surround ourselves with people for social interactions social growth and all that, but to say that you cannot live without someone is in my opinion a little bit of an exaggeration.  And even if one needs social interaction it really is a scary thing to do like what if I’m not cool enough, or smart enough or anything enough.. I am sure these are thoughts that have gone through your head many a time..


fear of rejection can act as a big motivator for man to either act or not act. and in the same way so does fear of the unknown. Sometimes one is inclined to feel that they engage in social interactions because they do not wanna be alone. But I recently discovered something I love being alone.. I live for the quiet moments with just me and my thoughts or a glass of wine or a good book or one of my favourite shows. I loooovvveee it…  So really at the end of the day we need to get this I cannot live without this person notion out of our heads. How can you hang out with someone if you cannot hang out with yourself? I cannot stand self loathing people, so get it straight you can live without *insert persons name here*, its just that society makes you feel like you cannot.. but get over it YOU is all you need..xx

Crossroad Conundrums

yes, that is me trying to sound smart and insightful. Ok, maybe not. I really am at a crossroads in my life finding myself needing to take one way or the other and I honestly do not know which route to take and I have no one to turn to for objective advice. Growing up really sucks. It should come with a warning label.

  if that said do not grow up unless you absolutely have to, or proceed with caution, and I was shown this label when growing up, I promise you, I would not be typing this right now. Lol

anyway, so I have found myself with this huge decision to make and honestly sometimes I wish I could put a pause on life and fast forward it to where I would like for it to be. The main issue I have is not being on the same page with people I care about. It just becomes so difficult once you grow up especially when you are done with your under graduate degree.. bring on the pressure of having to move out of the house, finding a suitable partner if you didnt find one already in university, getting married. bills *insert high pitch scream here*

I get that not all your friends will be with you for your life time and probably the guy you date in college is not the guy you marry but WHY, WHY must it be that way?? why cant things be simple without one having to worry about making sure the people around you are insync with you?? two words come to to mind which as one grows seem synoymous, responsibility and maturity..

One must make responsible decisions. be it financially or otherwise especially financially. that is the most important one of all as with financial maturity comes all else. but for one to grow financially or other wise you need to be on the same page as most of the people you decide to surround yourself with. Sadly I look around and I worry that by the end of the year I will not be in touch with some of the people in my life right now. but hey such is the burden that comes with growing up..xx

much ado about accessories

well this is post number 30.. A mile stone for bloggers :). you would think I would use it on something epic and deep and meaningful but nope I am writing about accessories.. lol.

I have known for a long time that I love them and cannot leave without them. In fact for me clothes are ancillary to my accessories. However, it has been a long time since I walked into a store and was wowed by something that is until last week friday,

purchased from Mr. Price Manda Hill

This bag took my breath away and I knew that I just had to have it.. there was no way I was leaving the store without it. and now when I am picking out clothes the clutch is the starting point. So I say I’m carrying that bag what will I wear.. LOL true story!!!







I generally love earrings and if I leave home without them I literally feel naked. I am one of those people who should carry a spare pair of earrings in her bag for just in case of an emergency. Everytime I lose a pair my heart breaks a little..true story right now these are my fav pair..

purchased these also from Mr. Price and was super excited


I swear when I spotted these I knew I had to have them no questions asked and I was low on cash that day but I did not care I would figure out how to get home.. lol








Also very vital to my well being is my sun-glasses. I swear when winter rears its grey head I die a little.With sunnies I can have the randomest of outfits and still manage to look cool cause of the sunnies.. the worst of hair days and still manage to look cool. so in as much as I love winter, I always take it with a pinch of salt! lol

I always feel like Horatio Caine in them.. lol

Next up is my perfume, yes I consider it an accessory and my favourite from my collection right now which ranges from Paco Rabbane, Perry Ellis, Nina Ricci and Paris Hilton is this one right here.

Forbidden Euphoria by CK. they got it right on this one!! love it


I am not one for strong scents because of my sinus issues and scents that are too flowery get me sick too so this one and I are like a match made in heaven a perfect fit 🙂








Oh my how rude of me I forgot one important accessory one I go with everywhere I go!!1 cant live without it really..

my watch :). A birthday present from a good friend of mine I love it cant leave home without it..

Lastly I have been told that the greatest accessory a female can arm herself with that no one can take away from her unless she allows them is *drum roll please

smiling 🙂 greatest accessory of all.. plus it adds years to your life. or so I am told..


the smile 🙂 … well that is too many posts from me for one day.. hahah u wish I will be back with one more momentarily.. till then xoxo

Weekend Mayhem!!!

well, I am not living up to my post a day benchmark I had laid out for myself and I must say I am quite disappointed! I blame the Easter holiday. My mind was so boggled by the break that it failed to function properly. Like seriously I did not touch my laptop from Thursday afternoon until yesterday when I wanted to watch something off it.. Not good. Anyway I am back and I promise that between making sure that my 15000 word dissertation is ready by the 20th of this month I will spare a couple hundred of words for my loyal readers 🙂

I am always up for different kinds of experiences I dont like to get dragged into routine and when I was younger this was a problem as I had difficulty mainitaing a boyfriend cause well I would get bored. So when the long weekend presented itself with sooo much opportunity I went for the things most people would not do..

Ooo first I must mention that I finally broke my lent :D.. had a drink and my 1st drink was a jaggerbomb after not drinking for 40+ days you can only imagine what it did to m. I could actually feel the alcohol coursing through my veins. It wasn’t pretty and the next day I felt like I had been hit by a truck or something.. It was not a good feeling..

my 1st drink of the weekend a jaggerbomb. yeagh

empty glasses make me sad 🙂

ahhhh better









I gave myself a mini mani pedi nothing fancy but it made me feel good..I have a confession to make I am one of those girls who could not make heads or tails of a hair straightener or a curling iron and as such if my hair needed styling I would ALWAYS go to the hairdresser but on Friday I managed to do it all by my lonesome. It is not professional work but I was so proud of me

I hve been told I have the perfect ring fingers.. whatever that

I think I have the cutest feet.. woudlnt you agree??

curled my own hair!! eeeeppppppp










I am not the biggest rugby fan, but like I said I’m always looking for a different type of chill so one of the things I did this weekend was hang out at the rugby club. One of my best friends plays for Lusaka Power House and is their captain so it’s always fun to do. Plus we won that game and it was against our fiercest rivals so that was like the cherry on the cake.

rugby time.. VIP I kid, I kid..









And then on Sunday keeping to the true fashion of doing things differently, I hosted a show with my other two best friends.  We came on the show to let the listeners know the other side of Peaches. It was so much fun and we caused so much mayhem in the studio :D.


studio time..










Afterwards it was soccer Sunday. A few people I know play competitive football every Sunday so went to watch that and as you can see it was shorts Sunday J. Result of the game again was that the Hornets (my team) won so a happy winning weekend for me. After that it was chilling time and I got back to conventional chilling mode which involved lots of booze and dancing and memory loss..

Peaches and I 🙂 shorts sunday!!!

The hornets at halftime


a game called Nsolo which I have no idea how to play..

And now I can safely look back and say weekend well spent J.. hope u all enjoyed your Easter break..xx


World Adventurers

Update 4/3/12:  Many thanks to WordPress for promoting this post to Freshly Pressed! And thanks to everyone stopping by to visit World Adventurers and say hello. You’re most welcome. There are more than 825 posts on travel and other topics for your reading enjoyment listed in the Category Cloud below. Enjoy!

Here’s a list of the top ten things you should do if you visit Zambia, a country in Southern Africa. Zambia lies southwest of Tanzania, which is featured in my book Kilimanjaro: One Man’s Quest to Go Over the Hill. The two countries are similar in many ways, with plenty of opportunities to see amazing natural beauty, go on thrilling wildlife safaris, and experience Africa’s unique culture.

This list is based on my own experiences when I lived in Lusaka, Zambia’s capital and largest city. These activities and destinations will give you a taste of what this interesting country has…

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I Blog in my Sleep!

Well I don’t really do it just wanted to find errr a captivating title for my entry. Although it would be pretty awesome to blog in my sleep because that way at least I can make an entry a day as planned as opposed to the errr sporadic blogging that has been goin on of late. *note to self; dear future genius please find a way to sleep blog thanks*..

Anyway, my dearest bloggers how art thou?? I have missed you dearly and surely you have missed reading all about my nonsense. Speaking of nonsense I have nonsense in the cutest form 🙂 my 4year old niece. Spent the weekend with her and I was the new shiny toy she did not want to let go of.. I was beat by the time she was done with me!


and she dressed herself 🙂 true story!!



My little eskimo 🙂 quite the talkative handful!!









oooo and in other news I keep falling deeper in love with my new phone! This coming at a time when iPhone users have waged a you dont have intstagram war on BB users!! What do I say to that?? well they can suck it!

whats that daddy?? Do I still want an iPhone 4s.. Yes please.. LoL

I recently learned of this app that does things to my pictures and I am in love with it

With my new app I can combine pics of my fav people 🙂 so I dont hve to keep changing my avatar or DP 🙂

My best friends and I 🙂













I swear but for the Varsity Monster I would be on it all the time making my photos look like they were taken in a studio somewhere. Speaking of which with the coming of smart phones the poor camera man has taken quite the hit hasn’t he? Cause I swear everytime one asks if he can take my picture I’m like errrrr 5mp on my phone!! I don’t need you and then I feel bad..


*pauses for a second* but it is only for a bit and I am back up again 😀 to my perky self. Someone actually told me today that I am so happy I am glowing.

I watched a Movie today, hmmm come to think about it, for a person who is not a big fan of movies I have watched a lot of movies of late! 4 in 2 weeks! Yikes what is happening to me! Anyway I saw Wrath of the Titans it is the sequel to Clash of the Titans which I honestly cannot remember. I blame that on the fact that at the time of its release, a lot of Greek mythology type movies were out so it aint my fault I cannot get my movies straight!

Anyway wrath of the titans, spoiler alert! All the gods die, except Hades. Am I the only one who sees something wrong with that??

Only he survives!! Voldermort guys!! still nothing!! ok then

No really think about it, all the gods that protect earth, Zeus, Poseidon they die and Hades god of the underworld survives. No? No reaction?? Wooooo ok then on to my ‘review’ it is a good movie loved it, plus it had Voldermort in it 🙂 takes me back to Harry Potter(I was going to put a link to this but if you need a link for harry potter, then what is the purpose of your existence).. lol. Althoug if you happened to be in the vicinity while my best friend and I were watching it, you would think we were watching a comedy. I need to stop going to movies with her. She is like a bad influence on me or am I the bad one *stops to think*, nope it is definitely her! Lol

Anyways fellow ‘writers’ (don’t give me that look secretly all bloggers wanna be published) , having wasted enuff of your time already, I bid you farewell J. I expect loads of like and comments when I get up or none of you are getting published :D..xx

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