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I Blog in my Sleep!

Well I don’t really do it just wanted to find errr a captivating title for my entry. Although it would be pretty awesome to blog in my sleep because that way at least I can make an entry a day as planned as opposed to the errr sporadic blogging that has been goin on of late. *note to self; dear future genius please find a way to sleep blog thanks*..

Anyway, my dearest bloggers how art thou?? I have missed you dearly and surely you have missed reading all about my nonsense. Speaking of nonsense I have nonsense in the cutest form 🙂 my 4year old niece. Spent the weekend with her and I was the new shiny toy she did not want to let go of.. I was beat by the time she was done with me!


and she dressed herself 🙂 true story!!



My little eskimo 🙂 quite the talkative handful!!









oooo and in other news I keep falling deeper in love with my new phone! This coming at a time when iPhone users have waged a you dont have intstagram war on BB users!! What do I say to that?? well they can suck it!

whats that daddy?? Do I still want an iPhone 4s.. Yes please.. LoL

I recently learned of this app that does things to my pictures and I am in love with it

With my new app I can combine pics of my fav people 🙂 so I dont hve to keep changing my avatar or DP 🙂

My best friends and I 🙂













I swear but for the Varsity Monster I would be on it all the time making my photos look like they were taken in a studio somewhere. Speaking of which with the coming of smart phones the poor camera man has taken quite the hit hasn’t he? Cause I swear everytime one asks if he can take my picture I’m like errrrr 5mp on my phone!! I don’t need you and then I feel bad..


*pauses for a second* but it is only for a bit and I am back up again 😀 to my perky self. Someone actually told me today that I am so happy I am glowing.

I watched a Movie today, hmmm come to think about it, for a person who is not a big fan of movies I have watched a lot of movies of late! 4 in 2 weeks! Yikes what is happening to me! Anyway I saw Wrath of the Titans it is the sequel to Clash of the Titans which I honestly cannot remember. I blame that on the fact that at the time of its release, a lot of Greek mythology type movies were out so it aint my fault I cannot get my movies straight!

Anyway wrath of the titans, spoiler alert! All the gods die, except Hades. Am I the only one who sees something wrong with that??

Only he survives!! Voldermort guys!! still nothing!! ok then

No really think about it, all the gods that protect earth, Zeus, Poseidon they die and Hades god of the underworld survives. No? No reaction?? Wooooo ok then on to my ‘review’ it is a good movie loved it, plus it had Voldermort in it 🙂 takes me back to Harry Potter(I was going to put a link to this but if you need a link for harry potter, then what is the purpose of your existence).. lol. Althoug if you happened to be in the vicinity while my best friend and I were watching it, you would think we were watching a comedy. I need to stop going to movies with her. She is like a bad influence on me or am I the bad one *stops to think*, nope it is definitely her! Lol

Anyways fellow ‘writers’ (don’t give me that look secretly all bloggers wanna be published) , having wasted enuff of your time already, I bid you farewell J. I expect loads of like and comments when I get up or none of you are getting published :D..xx


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2 thoughts on “I Blog in my Sleep!

  1. Shes so cute! your lil Eskimo.

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