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Weekend Mayhem!!!

well, I am not living up to my post a day benchmark I had laid out for myself and I must say I am quite disappointed! I blame the Easter holiday. My mind was so boggled by the break that it failed to function properly. Like seriously I did not touch my laptop from Thursday afternoon until yesterday when I wanted to watch something off it.. Not good. Anyway I am back and I promise that between making sure that my 15000 word dissertation is ready by the 20th of this month I will spare a couple hundred of words for my loyal readers 🙂

I am always up for different kinds of experiences I dont like to get dragged into routine and when I was younger this was a problem as I had difficulty mainitaing a boyfriend cause well I would get bored. So when the long weekend presented itself with sooo much opportunity I went for the things most people would not do..

Ooo first I must mention that I finally broke my lent :D.. had a drink and my 1st drink was a jaggerbomb after not drinking for 40+ days you can only imagine what it did to m. I could actually feel the alcohol coursing through my veins. It wasn’t pretty and the next day I felt like I had been hit by a truck or something.. It was not a good feeling..

my 1st drink of the weekend a jaggerbomb. yeagh

empty glasses make me sad 🙂

ahhhh better









I gave myself a mini mani pedi nothing fancy but it made me feel good..I have a confession to make I am one of those girls who could not make heads or tails of a hair straightener or a curling iron and as such if my hair needed styling I would ALWAYS go to the hairdresser but on Friday I managed to do it all by my lonesome. It is not professional work but I was so proud of me

I hve been told I have the perfect ring fingers.. whatever that

I think I have the cutest feet.. woudlnt you agree??

curled my own hair!! eeeeppppppp










I am not the biggest rugby fan, but like I said I’m always looking for a different type of chill so one of the things I did this weekend was hang out at the rugby club. One of my best friends plays for Lusaka Power House and is their captain so it’s always fun to do. Plus we won that game and it was against our fiercest rivals so that was like the cherry on the cake.

rugby time.. VIP I kid, I kid..









And then on Sunday keeping to the true fashion of doing things differently, I hosted a show with my other two best friends.  We came on the show to let the listeners know the other side of Peaches. It was so much fun and we caused so much mayhem in the studio :D.


studio time..










Afterwards it was soccer Sunday. A few people I know play competitive football every Sunday so went to watch that and as you can see it was shorts Sunday J. Result of the game again was that the Hornets (my team) won so a happy winning weekend for me. After that it was chilling time and I got back to conventional chilling mode which involved lots of booze and dancing and memory loss..

Peaches and I 🙂 shorts sunday!!!

The hornets at halftime


a game called Nsolo which I have no idea how to play..

And now I can safely look back and say weekend well spent J.. hope u all enjoyed your Easter break..xx


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