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Rumour has it…

No, I am not referring to the awesome song by Adele, nor am I referring to the 2005 movie Jennifer Aniston starred in. I am referring to nasty old rumours where the only thing real about them is the two-faced person telling them. In all my 20years of life fine 24, LOL, I have never understood the essence of rumours or rumour mongering or should I say to scuttlebutt (yes, I learnt a new word today and I am quite pleased with myself). I don’t get it especially amongst friends, I have always thought that friendships should be open and honest and there should be a presence of trust. An image that, I am sad to write has gradually been shattered with age. I swear I die a little when someone comes to me and asks is it true that?? No I don’t know, why don’t you ask him/her? They are your friend right? Right so go on ask them. They are not dead or laying in a coma somewhere the question you have is about them and they are probably in the best position to answer your question.

Do human beings ever do that? Nope instead they hide behind unsubstantial   assumptions which spread like wild fire ruining one’s good reputation. In high school we had a saying if I graduate with the highest honours top of my class no one will remember me, graduate pregnant on the other hand is and I will be talked about for years. In addition people always say that bad news will always spread like wild fire so for instance say I got my dream job working for the UN earning a 9figure salary some people may not learn of it for years. But say I got jilted at the altar, she-sus how quickly that would go around. What perplexes me the most is the fact that the rumours are spear-headed by people who claim to be our friends. I mean unless the definition of friendship has somehow changed over the years and become of no great significance, I was under the impression that friends were supposed to have your back not stab you in the back. In my opinion the greatest form of bullying does not come in the playground when someone is beating you to a pulp in between the swing and the see-saw set.

is this what friendship is about?? fake smiles and backstabbing??

It comes from a bunch of people actively working to destroy your life and it saddens me. It is beyond me why people cannot just take a seat back and mind their own business. Last time I checked it was MY life and we were friends, I am very much breathing so instead of spear-heading this crusade against me that may lead to me committing suicide because you have made my life impossible with your one little fable, ask me. We as human beings act like tabloids whose sole purpose is to sell the most papers or get the most hit on a website. I blame the monster that is social interaction. You make someone a social pariah just so as to advance your own social needs. Thankfully I am the type of person that does not really care. It’s all about mind over matter really, as in you don’t matter so I don’t mind and we move on from there. I live in my own little impenetrable world where very little gets to me cause well I don’t give a rats ass. I am the type of girl who someone would come and say oh I heard you pregnant and though false my answer would be oh yes, I am 5months along, it’s a boy we are very excited and are to be wed just before the baby comes, wouldn’t want him born a bastard *chuckles*.

I swear people think they living in gossip girl

Sadly not everyone is like that, thick skinned and all so I urge of you, friends enough of the stabbing each other in the back why can’t we go back to having each other’s backs?? And seemingly society is OK with this and such people have been dubbed frenemies, excuse me a moment while I go throw up at the thought of this. I am sorry I will not waste time smiling at someone pretending to be my friend that is not me

friendship should not have to come with warning signs.

That said, there are a few good people out there who will have your back and not try to stab it at the first available moment, if you have one of those I say good for you 🙂 treasure them for they are rare gems..xx


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3 thoughts on “Rumour has it…

  1. Luwi, a wise woman once told me if you have two good friends (meaning those who will accept and love you no matter what) you’re lucky. I believe that’s true. Unfortunately, I think some of this behavior stems from what is around us — tv, radio and different forms of media that encourages this type of un-mannerly behavior. Strive to be yourself and don’t give your own positive energy to those who try to take it. Think of it this way: In two, three, five years is this really going to matter? I guarantee you the answer will be no. You will be a different person by then and those years will fly by. Keep calm and carry on and all will come out well in the end. Be well!

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