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Do you read my blog

So its Friday night and having e-mailed Mr. Supervisor chapter 4 of my dissertation *insert triumphant air fist pump here*I am sitting here in my room having me time (happy happy joy joy) with a bunch of series to catch up on, glass of merlot in hand wondering DO YOU ACTUALLY READ MY BLOG???

look at the size of that thing! Jules aka Courtney Cox would be so proud

No really do you or do you just skim through your reader page and click like on every blog! she-sus (check out Sweet Mother’s blog for what that means, I need to learn how to properly link a blog into my post), like really guys. I must admit though I am guilty of it too, I must admit sometimes I will simply skim through my reader page like a few blogs here and there just to show appreciation for you taking time out of your busy day to post something. However there are certain blogs that always captivate me and I take in each word chuckling and nodding thinking to myself and wishing I could write like that, Brigitte’s Banter (ha! test to see if she really reads my posts, LOL) is one of them.

This all kind of reminds me of human social interaction (I know I have spoken about it one too many times this week, bear with me) with the whole having to listen to people drone on and on about nothing in particular, it gets so boring that I have mastered the art of nodding at certain intervals to make it seem as if I am listening. Yes, do go on I really want to hear how getting a B+ and not an A has screwed up your life beyond repair.  Even worse, I would go through my twitter timeline or facebook page and my comments would be, ‘get a life’ ‘no one cares’ ‘really??’ ‘oooooo half off at woolies #winning’.. Lol true story..And sadly that is the attitude I have brought to the blogging world. Do not worry I am working on it and I will change, and now now just because I do it does not mean you should too. I actually was not gonna submit a post today but after musing on life and its social interactions it throws at us and counting the number of times I zoned out on conversation today, add a glass of merlot to the mix et voila you have today’s post :D.. you are welcome I know your life was miserable and pathetic until you got the email saying I had a new post.. I kid I kid do not murder me.. ooo would you look at that I found the tool that aligns my text to make it look like a proper piece of work!! Ok before I go into a monologue about how awesome I am, I should sign out and get back to my merlot now it misses me. xx

p.s someone tell me what is the relevance of that part that is supposed to help you insert pictures into your entry?? so far I have found it is utterly useless to the extent that I am beginning to feel like the useless one HELP ME!


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4 thoughts on “Do you read my blog

  1. You doubt me, dear one and I do read your posts. Yes, I am guilty of skimming/scanning posts myself, as I’m sure others have with mine. Brevity is not always my virtue. Thanks for mentioning me and your nice comments. I thought I’d provide you with the following (though I’d prefer if you’d insert the Brigitte’s Banter link, of course. :)). When you are posting a blog and want to make a link “live” instead of just inserting the whole thing, do this:

    Type out whatever you want in your blog. I’m being shameless and self-promoting here, so let’s say you want to make Brigitte’s Banter live.

    Step 1: Type out Brigitte’s Banter
    Step 2: Highlight that
    Step 3: Go up to the tools bar and click the 10th button over (the link button) — a window will appear.
    Step 4: Paste the actual link to Brigitte’s Banter there (
    Step 5: Be sure and click “open in new window” so that if someone clicks on it, your blog will stay up!
    Step 6: Click “Add Link”

    That’s it! Hope I’ve not confused you and glad you posted today. I would as well, but I’m trying to figure out how to post a playlist.

    Cheers to you and your nice Merlot. :).

    • luckyluwi on said:

      wow that is a typeful (get it like mouthful but cause I’m typing.. no?? geez tough crowd) LoL thanks B will be sure to try it next time…

  2. Yip we do actually read your blog! nice post.

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