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Dissertation Done???

As unbelievable as that sounds, I kid you not. I handed in the final draft of my dissertation yesterday and felt sooooo relieved although after I had no idea what to do with the free time I had suddenly found my self with. Yes  I do have exams in about a month or so but bleh that is future Lweendo’s problem..

I felt like school was out..

So what did I do with this newly found freedom you ask well, I watched tv and downed 2 bottles of chardonnay, yes two not 1 but 2 and no I am not ashamed heheheheh I am actually happy I managed to wake up the way I did consodering all the booze I had.. Its like I can safely say that my hungover days are over..

sorry homer you on your own now.. lol

Sky Sports News gallery

I wanna go ther

Ok so the weekend is here and I am excited cause its a sports packed I am excited its got it all football, rugby, F1 I am uber excited about that cause my weekend is set I am such sports fanantic. I am sitting here typing this and watching sky sports news hehheheheh every man’s dream cause I will probably be the one to tape the big game over the wedding video (thank God for pvr).. Lol

I have soooo much to catch up on but not enuff time and this is not my diary so I should sign off now..xx



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