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Weekly Photo Challenge : Today

I promise I did not cheat on the photo challenge. LOL. I did take this photo on the day of the challenge 1st June, except because of the time difference by the time I got the challenge, it was evening in my country. I took a shot anyway but I wanted to wait to get a better picture but then I was like what the hell.. Plus I didnt have the time to get a better picture so here it is.

this is the entrance of my University.. I know you cant make out much but yeah I promise you it is.. LOL

The day I got the e-mail on the challenge I was feeling all kinds of emotions with my last exam about 48 hours away.. I felt like I was about to say goodbye to something that had been part of my life for an extremely long time, memories have been made along with new friends and heartbreaks have been suffered. tears have been shed and laughter has been shared.. They say your college days are the best days of your life, I could not agree more..


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