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Thursday Thoughts

Am I as relevant as I think?

If I had to die today what would your fondest memory of me be??

Have I created enough memories with my loved ones?

Is my life headed in the right direction?

Am I capable of handling failure?

What if I disappoint the people who have so much faith in me?

These are thoughts that make me anxious about life generally and the all so important what is my purpose in this life? Do I even have a purpose.

No this is not gonna be a deep insightful blog attempting to answer all the thoughts crowding my head at the moment but instead I will say the road not taken may be the road regretted.

I am not making much sense am I? All I am trying to say is that as human beings, we let our fears hold us back and that may sometimes keep us from reaching our full potential. It is only human to have certain fears about life and the uncertainty to overcome, but what defines us is overcoming those fears and fulfilling no, not our destinies I am still uncertain as to what that is, but our potential.  As the Latin Poet Horace once wrote Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero. I am off to carpe diem this thursday 🙂 xx


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