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Back to the future


When I was younger the title of this movie amused me greatly because you see to the mind of a ten year old it made no sense to go back into the future. And then as one gets older and learns about oxymoron and metaphors and all that, one pretends to begin to understand. Over the past few years when asked if I had a chance to relive my life given what I know now, would I change anything? I would always answer without hesitation and with great conviction a big fat NO! you know the usual clichés about lessons learned from mistakes and so on and so forth, but now I stop for a second to think, if I had a DoLorean DMC 12 with no rules as to how what I change in the past will affect my future,would I really change nothing at all. To say I wouldn’t would be far from the truth. For starters I would move in time to not get hit by that car and have an accident that almost left me paralysed (God loves me), and I suppose there are certain people in my life I wish I had met earlier and I would make it happen, you know the people you know now that make you sing Rihanna’s where have you been all my life at the top of your voice without a care in the world, yes those people I would make it so that I do not have to sing that song. Also there is a bad decision here and there that I’m certain if I had the chance I would do things differently, a relationship here and there that I would have worked harder to keep or not wasted my time on. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that I have lived a life full of regrettable decisions that I would change within a blink of an eye, no. Truth be told, I am a firm believer in the saying “no regrets in life just lessons learned”, but All I am asking is would you really change nothing at all?? given the chance with no consequences?? would you really pass it up. I know I wouldn’t. xx






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