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When you purchase a smartphone, even a ‘dumbphone’, its usefulness is most likely to be determined by the availability of apps (applications) that you use daily for its respective platform e.g. iOS, Android, etc, and how many you can cram onto the storage space available on your phone.

All original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or simply smartphone makers will always point out the plethora of apps you can download onto the said device while marketing it. Fact is they will all boast variety but in what is apparently a game of numbers; some are not exactly being truthful.

Based on which smartphone OS it is you are looking to buy into or have already, chances are all the basic needs are covered. Social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn;  productivity apps such as OneNote, weather apps, stock apps; your gaming apps, educational apps, these are all likely to be there. This…

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Through the LogicGate

Ask any middle aged Zambian which is the best smartphone to own and the answer 7 out of 10 people will say a Blackberry. If you ask them further as to why, they will say that a blackberry is the most affordable smartphone to keep online through cheap monthly subscriptions.  Sixty thousand kwacha or less gets access to the exclusive world of blackberry messenger and also instant push email. Built mainly for the corporate enterprise, these devices have taken over mainstream phones and are the top selling smart phone in Africa.

So you’re planning to purchase a new blackberry, either an upgrade or a new toy to stay connected to your follower bbm’ers, twitter followers and Facebook friends but you are torn between a compact looking 9220 Curve and that shiny metallic Bold 9900? What to do? Which to pick?

Physical Design & Display


Both phones are…

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