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A year older a year wiser??

So today is my twenty-*truck passes by* lol birthday and I always regard this as the bench mark to look back  (as opposed to January 1) on whether I have achieved all my resolutions and whether my I am proud of the choices I have made in the past year. I also use it to set new goals and make new resolutions wait are those one and the same thing?? lol

Anyway so today is le big day and looking back my life has changed in a lot of ways. I can’t say I have achieved all I wanted to do by this time but nonetheless, I have achieved and so much has happening this year both good and bad

This year I graduated from University with an LLB and got accepted to prepare for my bar exam.

This year I moved out of my fathers house and became semi-independent

This year new bonds have been forged, bonds I will forever be grateful for.

This year, I have mourned for the loss of family and friends RIP

This year I lost what I perceived was my great love.

This year I realised how perfectly imperfect I am 🙂

This year I fought with my best friends (yes I have two)

This year I made up with my best friends

This year I loved and lost

This year I made my family proud

This year I grew up.

I look back and wonder now that I am a year older and supposedly a year wiser, I wonder if I would do anything differently, am I really a year wiser??

Happy Birthday to me 🙂 images


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