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My Beautiful Country, Zambia

After reading a bucket list where someone has listed visit Africa and go on Safari, I cannot help but try umm *pimp out* my beautiful country and I will try not to copy and paste aside from pictures of breath taking destinations.

Located in the heart of Southern Africa my country is a nation of peaceful and loving people whose Aim is to make our visitors feel welcome and right at home..

If you came to my country and asked me to be your tour guide, the 1st place I would take you is Livingstone where you find this beauty.



isn’t she lovely 🙂

sights so beautiful they they must have been gazed upon by angels in flight..

well the quote is something to that effect by David Livingstone. The Victoria Falls is a majestic sight, one of the seven natural wonders of the world 🙂 it truly is beautiful and I am amazed with each visit.. Here one can bungee jump, white water raft, kayak and lots more if you are that much of a thrill seeker 🙂


1, 2, 3 BUNGEEE!!!

Did you know that David Livingstone actually died in Zambia???

The David Livingstone Memorial.

My Country also boosts the 5th largest river system in the country 🙂 THE MIGHTY ZAMBEZI 🙂

Its is quite the majestic sight with breath taking sunsets

view the gorgeous sunset while aboard a cruise on the majestic river

wow so much to write so little time.. Let me turn this into a picture story 🙂

walking safari in one of our many national parks

Horseback Safari..

Ntumbachusi falls, the country has a total of 13 large water falls and numerous smaller ones..

Lake Bangweulu, picturesque wouldn’t you say??

who says you need an ocean to surf??

Honestly they is so much I can say about my beautiful country, but ypou might think I am lying or even bragging a little. So here is an idea why dont you come on down and see for yourself. *whispers* oh and we are more civilised than we let on 😉 xx


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