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Woman Crush Wednesday – Lulu Haangala

So its day two of my zed blogger challenge and I thought its Wednesday what better to write about that a female who inspires me. Now I won’t pretend to be deep and all that picking on someone whose name I can’t pronounce or spell right. No. I have decided to pick someone close to home. My big sister the beautiful 🙂 Luyando Haangala.. 

To some she is just some annoying loud little girl who jumps up and down in front of a camera making noise, to others she is a person they look at in awe and aspire to be like but for me she is my sister who is an amazing Mother to an even more amazing little girl, she is an amazing friend and she is an even more amazing sister.

the gorgeous Asante

What is so inspiring about her you may wonder? Her story. She may be an annoying loud little girl who jumps up and down in front of a camera making noise, but she had a dream to get behind the camera and she worked hard until she got that dream. I would like to go into depth about her struggle to get where she is today which is as one of the few delegates selected to the Washington Young African Leaders Fellowship, but I am not sure she would permit me to do so. She is probably saving that for her memoirs and I would not want to preempt that ;-). 

I remember her singing when she was 5 years old, in an off key voice of course (not every 5 year old is blessed with talent at that early age) but she knew what she wanted and guess what that 5 year old ended up being invited to sing for Zambia’s 1st Republican President!!!

the five year old with a voice that sings off key and a dream!!!

When she came back to Zambia, she had a dream of a future she wanted, many looked at her as a dreamer, others, laughed her off, others helped 🙂 and now she is slowly but surely watching her dreams come to light. 

Walt Disney said “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” I am grateful for my sister because she gives me the courage to pursue my dreams. She truly makes me believe that impossible is nothing. 

My name is Lweendo and I am a Zed Blogger x

zed blogger


Mythical Muses

When I received the challenge for this month, I must say I was quite excited when I opened my mail and found it was an email from Martha, until I opened the email and I read it over and over and over and over again and I came up empty…. I was struggling to find what inspires me to write down my thoughts, to find my muse…I always say I am not the most creative person on the planet, in fact all my blog entries are nothing creative just me writing what I know personal experiences and all… thus the struggle to find what inspires me… I looked up the word muse, it is a mythical creature that inspired literature, poetry blah blah blah and for some reason certain works  portray muses as being sex goddesses and I can definitely say without a doubt that I do not have that!!!!! LOL…

My inspiration to blog, to write or to whip up something magical in the kitchen (yes cooking is art too!!!!) is self preservation if I am being honest. Its simply me trying to find a way not to let my thoughts and emotions bubble over and lead me into a downward spiral of depression and despair…lol…

So unless there is such a thing as inspiring yourself to write and I dont think such a thing exsits, lol, muses in my life are mythical..

Those are my two cents on the matter, my name is Lweendo and #Iamazedblogger Inline image 2


I am a Zed Blogger

I always try to start a blog with a smart opening line so as to captivate the reader, or put a smart tag here or there to grab peoples attention and get more views and blah blah blah.. None of that here I’m just gonna go straight to the point cause this is something I’m actually quite excited about. Not that my other blog posts don’t excite me…. Lol.. Anyway recently came across a blog post from one of the blogs I follow Miss Kundwe, if I wasn’t using my phone I would have posted a link to the said post..  No that’s a lie I have just forgotten Lol… But here is a direct link which you can use ONLY AFTER you are done reading this one :-). Anyway so it was a little project called #IAmAZedBlogger.. Every artist needs some sort of muse and direction yes? Yes! This comes at quite the perfect time cause I have been slacking in the bloggosphere, hmmm is that a word? Oh well, in my world it is.. So slacking basically because I’m not ready to ‘journal’ my life for the ‘whole world’ to read so to be able to write with direction is something I’m quite looking foward to.. Additionally I get to meet and read a lot of blogs from fellow Zambians, they are quite a few out there we could have a little ‘artist’ blog party.. Lol.. Anyway all I wanted to say is Hi, my name is Lweendo and #IAmAZedBlogger 🙂Image

Self Doubt

I always like to believe that I should have no regrets in life but take each stumbling block or triumph as a lesson learnt for how to do better next time. Except of late I have found myself somewhat reliving the past and wondering to myself wait wasn’t this lesson already imprinted on me?? What does it all mean? that I didn’t learn the first time around?? I kinda feel like I’m in an episode of Being Erica (Thanks Canada for that one) where she doesn’t learn the lesson till like 3 episodes later.  I don’t know ey but time and time again I always feel that we should not hurt the people we love cause when they hurt we hurt too and in the worst way possible because we know the pain they are feeling was as a result of something we did to them. And yet as humans we have become quite accustomed to the cycle that is hurting each other. Except we don’t realise that sometimes when we hurt people we drive them to do unspeakable things. A story is told of the girl who would give herself little cuts on her arms cause she felt that watching the blood flow out of her made her feel that she was releasing whatever pain she felt and she would feel better. Or the girl whose depression would led her on  diet  so drastic in a bid to change because she felt it was the only way to move on from the pain but all she would get is a hospital bed instead. No need for your alarm bells to ring, I am not on the brink of depression that would lead to drastic actions or me hurting myself. Periods of pain for me usually entail me throwing my attention on something that will get my mind off the hurt and pain and the results well a couple of A’s on my transcript. I tend to switch off on the world especially on the source of the said pain cause thats the only way I know how to deal, take the source of pain out and pain goes away right?? Well thats how younger me used to deal but then I grew up and decided to face my issues head on. However, honestly as I grow older, I feel I should obtain a bit more introsepction and clarity on certiain sitiations but sadly I find that as I am trying to learn but I am finding it harder with each life lesson that comes my way. I am finding it difficult to understand human beings and why we do what we do. So when I hurt, I have a lot of self doubt within me thinking that its probably my fault whatever lessons I have learned in the past are thrown out the window, and all I want to do is sit in a corner and cry…. so until I am out of said corner….xoxo


Tearing everything up so as to begin anew

Trying to hold on to what was because even if it hurts, it brings comfort
Knowing that letting go and admitting the pain is the only way to rebuild
Feeling, love, hate, hurt, remorse, pain, regret, joy
Wondering how it is possible for one to harbour all these emotions
Thinking of the masterpiece that could have been
Soaring above the greyest clouds
Walking on sunshine even on the darkest of days
Wishing one was more guarded and not such an open book
Dreaming of a future where everything is black and white with no traces of grey
Torn between the decisions of the heart and the mind
Praying but hoping that prayers remain unanswered
Taking time to sow hoping to reap in the future
Asking for the patience to reap what has been sown
Waiting for a knight to come and save the day
Knowing that the wait may last a while
Staring at a sink full of blood
Bearing through the pain hoping to find healing
Remembering that though lost for the moment, the way home is never forgotten.

Taking stock

Some people believe in looking back on the past chastising themselves for the things they feel they did wrong and thereafter trying to atone for the reproachable behavior , in as much as this may have worked for some people, it has never worked for me. I truly do well believe in the motto no regrets in life just lessons learned.

So for instance I was with someone for almost four years was convinced wedding bells were surley the next step that our relationship would take but life had other plans. I dont look back on that and say wow thats three years of my life I will never get back. No, but instead from each fight I took a lesson, from each kind gesture I took away a lesson , from each episode of mistrust, I took away a lesson. 

As for the accident that apparently should have ended my life (again, God has other plans) I took away vauable lessons about family and friendship.Yes, even one of the most horrific traumatising things to happen to me as an adolosecent I found a lesson to take away from. oh and that I should be more patient when crossing the road (LOL)

They (dont ask me who) say that the best person to give advice to someone is some one who experienced the issue first hand.They also say you cannot truly comfort a person unless you feel thier pain. I concur with them, who ever they are. I try as much as possible to limit the advice I give out to situations I have experienced myself, because I believe that you can never truly understand unless you can relate.

WAIT!!What was my point again?? or right, taking stock.  of what exactly?? your life, where it has been , where it seems to be headed, where you want it to be headed. it is very important to once in a while take stock of all the lessons learnt and put them to good use . People tend to do that at the end of every year and then give themselves resolutions which they never stick to and they end up disappointed with themselves at the end of the year and promise to do better the next year. Not me . So the next time you are asked why you doing something that you never did before or are going out of your way like never before, a good answer is always “People change , I have learned”

And as you take stock , you will realise that your life may not be working out the way YOU planned it, but thats ok :).xx




Little Miss Sunshine :)


I just got nominated for the sunshine award by 🙂 and I am honest to God flattered considering I have been a blogger for about a week now 🙂 so thank you Stephanie.. Oh you MUST check out her blog it is random but refreshing 😉 true story..

Well I suppose it is a fitting nomination considering what a ball of sunshine I have been *insert arrogant narcissistic speech here* LOL.. I am just kidding of course,l although I must say the nomination has left me feeling like I am walking on sunshine 🙂  hope I don’t get burnt though 😉

Ok I am about to say something deep and introspective,no really I am, so if you not in a deep introspective mood then ummmm maybe you should skip to the end, lol I don’t know what it is about my life that I changed but I am happier and feel like the world is a happy place where butterflies poop rainbows. I suppose in a sort of way, I am walking on sunshine and not letting anything or anyone get me down. Why is that? Because happiness is found deep within me 🙂 I honestly used to care a lot about what people said and thought about me. Then I just let go because in as much as there are plenty of people who don’t like me, there is more who who love me and what’s more is that I love myself so I am GOOOODDD!! I am my own little ball of sunshine in more ways that one 🙂

Being a first time nominee I have noooo clue what to do but I will give it my best shot and I suppose follow the instructions to the latter. I surely do hope I do it right or else I might have to do it all over again.. 

The following are details of this award:

  • Include the award’s logo on your blog.
  • Answer some questions about yourself.
  • Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers for this award.
  • Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs letting them know they have been nominated. (now this seems like a mammoth task, oh well if it must be done)
  • Share the love and link to the person who nominated you
  1. What is your favorite color? I do not like to pick a favourite cause I feel like I am making the other colours feel bad.. seriously, I was one of those kids who coloured with all the crayons.. <_>
  2. What is your favorite animal? All puppy dogs
  3. What is your favorite number? Six
  4. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? Fanta or Pure-Joy Orange Juice
  5. Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?  Twitter, facebook is soooo bleh…
  6. What is your passion?  Family, friendships, reading, music, travel, sports, laughter, outdoors, bar-b-cues (yeah I said it), good food… 
  7. Do you prefer getting or giving presents? BOTH!!!!
  8. What is your favorite pattern? I like solids cause I LOVE to accessorize so they are easier to work with..
  9. What is your favorite day of the week? any day with day in it 🙂
  10. What is your favorite flower? errrr the Pretty flower??? lol 

I nominate the following cause they bring sooooo much sunshine every time I read a post 🙂 Without further ado, my nominees in no particular order, drum roll please 🙂


Before you go on reading any further I must warn you that my first entry for today is about grammar. Yes, you read right GRAMMAR, well most of it anyway. Now I may get some of it wrong, but I beg of you to judge me not.

I have been blogging seriously for just about 72hours now and one thing I am taking from this (and I will take with both hands) is the improvement of my grammar. In a day and age of SMS and social networks that limit what you can say to 140 characters, blogging does come as a breath of fresh air J it really does.

Not only is it helping me with my writing skills because I want to sound pretentious and smart *insert sheepish grin here* to both my readers *beams* but I find that even my thought process is evolving. I am no longer tempted to type l8r in my texts unless I absolutely have to. I am actually making sure my texts and tweets are grammatically correct spelling out words where shortening them is not necessary. And I am loving it.

Why you ask. Well the career path I have chosen requires that one is a master of the English language. That you commandeer the language to impress your peers and Judges and when i say Judges I am not speaking figuratively.

As a result of the tech age where everything is seemingly in fast forward, I find myself trying to type shortcuts in my school assignments (thank goodness for proof reading) As if that is not bad enough, during the holidays when I was doing my vacation attachment, I was working on a file for my boss and I actually typed atm in a report (once again saved by proof reading).

And one thing I learned from my grammatical errors is that life moves in fast forward and we don’t have time to slow down and appreciate the little things that matter the most. I am going to use a cliché here but hey there is a reason it is called a cliché right. PAUSE. TAKE A SECOND. SMELL THE ROSES. you will be amazed at how much you miss out on because you have decided to live in fast-forward.

That said I have one more thing to say, I know by the end of the year my grammar would have improved thousand fold and for that I say ALL HAIL BLOGGING!! xoxo

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