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So, I’m sitting here, waiting for the salon to open, its bout 8am having a bowl of fruit salad which let’s be honest is just a couple of chopped up apples and a sliced banana with just a dash of pineapple but oh well,you know what they say an apple a day! 

Of late I have found myself to be well, quite unhappy I have had to go through so much the past couple months and I generally just haven’t known how to deal. I read a blog from a friend of mine the other day and one of her posts was a reflection on the mistakes she had made and how she was probably still gonna make more than a handful that got me thinking, I made mistakes, I’m gonna make a thousand more, will I let each mistake get me down?? That’s like a lot of unhappiness for one to deal with in a life time me thinks. 

One thing that irks me is how people brand themselves as understanding until faced with a real life situation in which you expect them to understand instead you find yourself on the receiving end of hostility. 

*side thought*, I really don’t like apples, so having to dig thru a bowl full of apples is nothing short of torture I swear. Only reason I’m eating is cause I’m paying for these errrrr apples. 

I really need to get into the habit of jotting down my thoughts, cause this week I had so much to say just no time to write it down but now I’m blank hmmmmmm oh well, guess until next time, xoxo L. 


Without You

I love Glee, I might be the biggest gleek out there.. Ok nope thats a lie, let me not take it away from the gays with their sparkly studded loafers and love for show tunes..

Still I love it, the music just makes me feel some type of way. So right now sitting in my room trying to add two more pages to chapter 4 of my dissertation, listening to Glee’s rendition of David Guetta and Usher’s without you, which I must say is beautiful 🙂 , Lea Michele has such a gorgeous voice.

Ok I digress. Wow that is a poorly structured sentence, my supervisor must have been on to something when he said I tend to go on and on with no end in sight.. here I go again.

Ok on a more serious note, after listening to the lyrics of this song, I have a question, what is it that makes us need we need people to survive? What scientific proof does one have that a person cannot live without someone else. I mean unless you were born a twin or a triplet or quadruplet, I’m sure you get my drift, you are born into this world alone. Yes, we need to surround ourselves with people for social interactions social growth and all that, but to say that you cannot live without someone is in my opinion a little bit of an exaggeration.  And even if one needs social interaction it really is a scary thing to do like what if I’m not cool enough, or smart enough or anything enough.. I am sure these are thoughts that have gone through your head many a time..


fear of rejection can act as a big motivator for man to either act or not act. and in the same way so does fear of the unknown. Sometimes one is inclined to feel that they engage in social interactions because they do not wanna be alone. But I recently discovered something I love being alone.. I live for the quiet moments with just me and my thoughts or a glass of wine or a good book or one of my favourite shows. I loooovvveee it…  So really at the end of the day we need to get this I cannot live without this person notion out of our heads. How can you hang out with someone if you cannot hang out with yourself? I cannot stand self loathing people, so get it straight you can live without *insert persons name here*, its just that society makes you feel like you cannot.. but get over it YOU is all you need..xx

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