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Terrific Tuesday

well I honestly dont know where to start from ey, I am taking part in the Zed blogger challenge and gosh in the last couple month I have been slacking… apologies Martha , I promise to do better. Anyway this month’s zed blogger challenge is five days of blogging and I was honestly stomped on what to blog about and whether I had enough juice to blog for five straight days but what the heck, I decided to give it a try.

Today I made a decision. A decision to let go and let God. Yes we all say this but after a couple of things not going my way, I realized it was just a couple of things that did not go my way. If I had to count the number of things that did go my way, well, I stopped and apologized to God for ever doubting what he has in store for me. After a conversation with my Dad this morning, I realized that my faith in God is not as big as it should be. I am only human and I do believe he is their in the back ground pulling the strings of my life ensuring every thing falls into place, turning no’s into yeses 🙂 and I am grateful. As stated I am only human and want to get things done at a certain speed but time and time again, he teaches me that my time is not his time. He always blesses me abundantly and his mercies are new everyday and all this is done in his time.  So now I am waiting on his time and suddenly things are a tad bit brighter. It is a terrific Tuesday and I am a Zed blogger!!!

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